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Simple, Intuitive and User-friendly hotel search engine


Our web-based Nuitée PRO booking platform is a powerful tool that gives highly-efficient travel agents the advantage to access a rich choice of accommodations, transfers and activities worldwide in real-time with hyper-competitive rates.

Nuitée PRO was built by travel tech experts for travel professionals.

Main features include

Lite menu

Quick access to Admin panel, Quick view on current balance situation and Available Credit (if applicable)

Admin panel

Easy bookings management, Check hotel confirmation numbers, Export booking lists, Customisable profile, Upload logo, Monitor payments, Email quotations and See real-time credit consumption.

Booking panel

Search by hotel name, city, key words or place of interest. Check “Trust you” scoring, Apply a promotion code or apply one of the many filters available, Choose your payment method.

Access to the platform will be granted within few days of registration.