Airline Ancillary Program

We help airlines boost hotel ancillary business

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We provide our airline ancillary affiliates with a rich variety of hotel product to increase their revenue without losing track of their core flight business.

Nuitée’s unrivalled accommodation offer can be packaged with a flight during any step of the flight booking process. It can be sold separately as an independent service or by other means for example, clickable banners, e-mailing campaigns or flight confirmation email)

Nuitée offers its airline affiliates various rate types: including refundable, package or ad-hoc contracted rates for passengers or employees, and also the option to pay the hotel reservation at checkin.

Our solution is fully compatible with any loyalty programme where passengers can earn or burn their miles.

Our understanding is that the website visitor / airline passenger belongs to our affiliate. We fully customise the hotel widget design with airline’s corporate brand ID specifications.