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About Us

Nuitée Travel is a technology company that was established in Ireland in 2016. The company is privately owned. It is composed of a team of 80+ innovation technology and travel geeks. These people are located in different countries across the globe.

Our main activity consists of supplying hotel offers to travel businesses of all sizes. We also supply them with guided tours and activities, attraction tickets, and ground transportation in the main international travel destinations.

Additionally, we sometimes do ad-hoc contracting on behalf of other companies.

The knowledge from years of experience within our team has helped us to build a global travel marketplace. Using our own innovative technology to simplify the process of booking for travel businesses, we want to continue to revolutionise this industry.


Our people come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We all love travel and technology, and our goal is common - build the world's greatest travel marketplace.

Nuitée's HQ is located in Tullamore, Ireland, but most of our employees are working remotely from different regions. We have footprints in North and Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Our engineering and customer services teams sit in our Casablanca tech hub, from where we serve our international clients in multiple languages 24/7.

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Our vision is to become the gateway for global travel trade.


Build a data-driven and partnership centric marketplace.


✓ Data-driven

✓ Move fast

✓ Think big

✓ Stay humble


Built on a foundation of trust amongst our colleagues and partners, we foster teamwork, transparency and a culture of strategic learning through errors and accomplishments. Imperative in our work is that we remember our roots as a start-up company so that our growth remains agile, innovative and disruptive. This ensures our continued excellence in managing complexity and leading with change.

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