Our technology-first approach helps hotels reach the latest distribution flux to attract new guests


Hotel Api

An access-free and developer-friendly open-source web service based interface for travel startups and businesses of all sizes.

Our system finds the best available hotel deals from hundreds of thousands of independent hotels and branded chains worldwide. Real-time availability sourced directly from our partners' management systems.

Nuitée's API stands out for its simplicity, quality and high-speed responses. An onboarding team provides full support during and after the implementation process. 2 to 3 weeks of full-time development should be enough to get connected.

Although we recommend direct connectivity, Nuitée Hotel API is also available on certified third-party technology platforms. (This option might incur extra costs or fees payable to these platforms)

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const request = require('request'); const options = { "checkInDate": "2021-11-13", "checkOutDate": "2021-11-14", "hotelCodes": [186955], "roomGuests": { "roomGuests": [ { "adultCount": 2, "childCount": 1, "childAges" : [6] } ] }, "guestNationality": "US", "currency": "USD", "languageCode": "en_US", "timeout": "20000" } request(options, function (error, response, body) { if (error) throw new Error(error); console.log(body); });
Bed & Breakfast
Four Points By Sheraton
Deluxe Double Room

Experience API

A free single-source API connectivity solution for businesses that want to sell the world's best local tours and activities.

Travel businesses of any size can connect and distribute a wide range of guided tours, day and night activities, entrance tickets to attractions and parks, city tours, museums, shows, sports events or cooking classes!

Our easy-to-develop API that accesses unlimited experiences in the main tourist destinations around the globe, is a fantastic opportunity to generate up-selling revenues.

Two to three weeks of full-time development should be enough to go live. Our team will support you during the whole integration work.

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const request = require('request'); const options = { method: 'GET', url: 'http://global-api-lb2-22b769935a8b2a0a.elb.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/v1/activity/search/%7Bdestination_id%7D', qs: { offset: 20, limit: 100, date_from: '2021-11-13', date_to: '2021-11-20' } }; request(options, function (error, response, body) { if (error) throw new Error(error); console.log(body); });
Scalinata del Museo del Novecento
7 Oct, 20:30

Mobility API

The Nuitée Mobility API offers the possibility to connect a wide range of ground transportation options sourced from the top global mobility suppliers with a unique single-source API.

Startups or consolidated travel businesses can easily power their system with rideshare, taxis, sedan services, airport shuttle buses, trains, public transportation, private transfer or limousine service with one unique API connectivity.

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import nuitee from 'nuitee'; await nuitee.bookings.get({ sessionId: '523kds-1dd-13-jdd12', hotelCode: '9930021', timeout: 2000 });
4 Adult, 2 Child
London Gatwick (LGW) → The Great Hotel
7 Oct, 20:30
Per person

Payment Gateway API

Nuitée's unified Payment Gateway API allows travel businesses to easily process payments with their preferred payment methods.

Virtual Credit Cards, Wallets, Bank / SEPA debits made easy through multiple gateways or alternative payment solutions using Nuitée's unique API connectivity solution.

Our payment platform is access-free for our customers

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const options = { "gateway": "stripe", "amount": 199, "callback_url": "http://domain/return_url?test=1", "card": { "holder_name": "John Doe", "number": "4000002760003184", "expire_date": "05/25", "cvc": "333" }, "currency": "USD", "email": "test@example.com", {...} };
John Doe
4000002760003184 - 05/25 - 333

Desktop Solution

Our user-friendly and intuitive B2B booking platform was built by travel professionals for travel professionals.

After login, travel agents, travel consultants or call-centre agents access Nuitée's wide offer of accommodation, activities and transports options with all the available room types and rate plans. They can compare, book, pay online and print the vouchers in just a few clicks.

Nuitée's B2B booking suite offers a variety of hacks that makes it unique for busy travel professionals to make bookings while they save time and money.

Some of the unique features included in our easy to use interface are B2C price reference, rebooking tool and voucher personalization.

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White-Label Solution

Our Affiliate White Labels are easy to set up and can be ready to use and drive traffic to within a matter of hours. A simple ready-to-use booking site customised with our partners' colours schemes and branded with their logo.

It can be easily integrated into any e-commerce business, website or company extranet driving additional revenue almost immediately. Turning a website visitors, traffic, customers or member base into an additional, incremental revenue stream.

A percentage of every sale made is earned after the booking is consumed.

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