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Why Us?

We’re quick, easy and experienced.

High quality customer service

100% bookings re-confirmed prior to check-in
HCN (hotel confirmation number) provided via API
Reach our call center using our free toll numbers

Simple, clean API

Richest choice of hotels on the Globe
User-friendly and intuitive front-end interface with competitive Net rates

Low operating costs.

We need little margin to support the technology driven infrastructure we have built

Strategic partnerships.

We constantly innovate and help our partners improve through sharing with them high value insights extracted from our BI tools

Our Engineering-first approach

Scalable Cloud Based Infrastructure

Our system was built in a way that our capacity can be adjusted anytime in a seamless way. This allows us to keep our focus in improving our product.

Next Gen Proprietary Booking Engine

Our API is in constant development to ensure the highest performance and meet the requirements of our high demanding customer base

In-house Data Warehouse

Our business decisions are based on the analysis of the data extracted from millions of daily searches and transactions stored in our own data-warehouse.

Powerful Business Intelligence & Monitoring Tools

Our monitoring tools detect behaviors and apply immediate corrective actions to maximize the business.


Global offer with +600k hotels Leisure & Business travellers High booking value

+250 Millions Hotel Searches Per Day
USA Fastest Growing Market
500$ Average shopping basket

Api Developers

Guideline to Nuitée’s API. We provide guides, API definition, samples to get you up and running in a very short time.

Full API reference

Our Global Footprint

Ireland, Spain, Morocco, UK, USA, UAE, India, Turkey, Argentina

North Carolina, USA
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates